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What Is a Chair Lift For Stairs?

chair lift for stairs

A chair lift for stairs is a device that helps people with mobility challenges navigate their home’s stairs. The lift typically consists of a railing that is custom-fitted to your staircase, a seat for you or a loved one, and a motorized carriage.

Stairlifts come in straight and curved styles, and many companies offer customization options to suit your specific needs and style. For instance, some models can swivel the seat to a safer position on the stairs, or can be customized with color and style options.

Swiveling Seat

For people who have trouble getting up and down the stairs due to physical limitations, a stair lift with a swivel seat can make life much easier. It rotates away from the open stairs to help prevent tripping or slipping and is often equipped with switches that lock when not in use for added safety.

Folding Footrest & Seat – To minimize space requirements, some models allow you to fold the footrest out of the way when not in use. Several brands also offer power options where the footrest automatically folds when the seat is lifted.

Other Features – Some stair lift manufacturers have added a variety of additional features to their models, including battery isolation switches, call stations, key switch, ‘flip-up’ rails, speed governors, seat belts, and safety sensors that can detect objects on the stairs.


The stairlift is installed by a trained technician who will arrive at your home and attach the stair lift to the stair treads with clamps. Depending on the type of stair lift and your specific needs, the installation process can take up to two hours for a straight stair lift and up to four or more hours for a curved stair lift.

Getting a Free Consultation

If you think a friend or family member may need a stair lift, contact an expert at your local 101 Mobility office to schedule a free consultation. They will talk to you about your unique needs and provide you with a no-commitment project estimate.

Choosing the Right Model

The best way to choose a stair lift is to consult with an expert. They will take measurements and assess the stairway to determine what model would be best for your needs. They will then present you with different models and answer any questions that you may have.

Cost – A chair lift for stairs is an expensive investment. Unless you are in a situation where insurance or Medicare will cover the purchase, you will have to pay for it out of pocket.

Prices for a stair lift depend on the manufacturer and the model, as well as the complexity of your stairs. Some companies also have financing options.

Outdoor stairlifts are more expensive than indoor models since they are made to withstand the elements and may need to be covered with an enclosure in rainy weather or snowy conditions. They are also more complicated than the standard straight stair lifts because they need to accommodate the shape of the stairs, and require extra brackets to support them properly.