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High performance generation binoculars,RM350 compact night vision binoculars

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Product Description

YJ-YM RM350 is a compact high performance generation with night vision binoculars, equipped with high-end red cross differentiation line make the night shoot with high precision. Adjust the brightness to the best new light lens system and easy operation of the button and can adjust the brightness of the cross division lines, using standard Picatinny rails, so that the products can be widely used in the police shooting, hunting in the wild, security personnel firing exercises.

High performance generation binoculars Specifications:
Magnification,X                               2.5 
Image Intensifier Tube                   1+
Detective range(m)                   150
Recognition range(m)                    100
Field of view(deg)                          17
Lens system(mm)                           F1:1.2,F50
IR illuminator                                   >450
Windage&elevationadjustments(MOA)     1/8
Diopter adjustment(deg)                 +/-5
Battery type                                     a single lithium-ion battery(CR123)
Battery life(h)                                  10-20
Range of focus(m)                          1m~∞
Operating temperature(℃)              -40℃/+40
Dimensions(mm)                              280X85X105     
Weight(kg)                                       1.3    

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rifle scopesrifle scopes

rifle scopesrifle scopes

night vision binocularsnight vision binoculars

night vision binocularsnight vision binoculars